What We Do


What We Do

Aligning ourselves with best-in-class development partners is paramount to our success!

BCDC seeks to join in ground up real estate development opportunities within the growth markets of the Southeast, Texas and other select markets. BCDC invests at the GP equity level alongside best-in-class development and operating partners, leading to long-term, programmatic relationships. As a Co-GP in each project in which it is involved, BCDC provides not just equity dollars, but also financial stability, completion guaranties, and significant other benefits to the development process of our projects.

BCDC has the flexibility to play multiple roles within the capital stack and in certain scenarios, can offer credit enhancements. BCDC targets opportunistic real estate investments requiring GP equity with investment horizons of less than six (6) years.

BCDC has significant experience and is active in diverse asset classes: multifamily, retail, climate controlled self-storage, senior housing, office, hospitality, student housing, medical office and mixed-use sectors. Calling upon our deep industry relationships, BCDC has the capability to source institutional equity and construction lending to fulfill the entire capitalization.

Our Partners
SKYHOUSE, | Charlotte, NC

What We Offer

BCDC’s platform is founded on the diverse knowledge and skills formed over decades of experience in brokerage, design, development, construction and capital markets.  BCDC can help real estate development partners maximize profitability and realize growth and scale through:

  • Project specific viability and risk analysis
  • Underwriting support
  • Pursuit and pre-development funding
  • GP Co-invest
  • A strong balance sheet
  • Credit enhancements
  • Project completion guaranty
  • Supplemental professional liability insurance coverage
  • Assistance with capitalization structure
  • Sourcing institutional equity and construction financing
  • Project disposition
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