News Place

Savannah, GA

News Place is unique in BCDC’s development projects in that it is one in which BCDC did not partner with another general partner developer. This project is a historic renovation of existing buildings in the Savannah Historic District, together with new construction. The project involved public-private collaboration in building the largest underground parking structure in the Historic District. The parking accommodated the News Place development, as well as the existing City Market District and Riverfront District. The new parking structure also enabled the City of Savannah to reclaim one of the original four public squares provided for in the “Oglethorpe Plan”.

The private portion of the Ellis Square project consists of 44 timeshare residential units, a 151-room boutique hotel, approximately 40,000 SF of retail and restaurants, and a six-story office building offering state-of-the-art design and technical support.


Savannah, Georgia


Sponsor: BCDC
Lender: None
General Contractor: Batson-Cook Company

Project Type

Mixed Use


Disposition 2009